July 15, 2012


Song: Sick, Sick, Sick- Bayside
Mood: Sad.

Tangled is such an awesome movie. Every time I see the king's tear fall before they lit their lantern I choke back a sob it's so sad..

Plus Rapunzel is such a sweet, innocent girl. And she unknowingly has the ability to bring out the best in almost everyone- vikings, thieves, the townsfolk.


I found out yesterday that my cousin has been sneaking out to meet two guys to do drugs and who knew what else. They got caught by the police and one of the guys went to jail since he's an adult. My cousin is only twelve years old. I am so disappointed in her. That part of my family is screwed up but I thought she knew better than to do something so stupid. I thought I had taught her better. I guess not.

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