July 22, 2012


Song: Story of a Girl- 9 Days
Mood: doomed (in love. Doomed in love.)
Movie: The Soloist

At church, my pastor and this guy got into it about free will. The guy's view was very... Calvinistic and fatalistic. He said that if God knows everything, makes a path for us based on our future decisions, then we have no free will. Pastor was saying that we have choices. But the guy was like... but if God knows our choices, then there are no real choices. What I said was that God wants us to be Christians, but can't make us be. He creates us to follow his path and I personally think he only lays out opportunities, not our fate.

To put it lightly, what I said ended the argument. Booyah.

I don't even know if I truly believe. I don't agree with a ton of what the Bible says and the morals it's built on- I mean... if we don't know God, even if we're good people, we're sent to hell forever? It's our eternal punishment? Punishment is to make someone learn, not to go on forever. I don't think that's right.
But maybe whoever wrote/translated the Bible got some things wrong? I don't know.

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