July 23, 2012

Food! Hunger!

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Italiano or 日本の (Japanese)? Food, not ethnicity.
I've been pretty obsessed with both for awhile. And I want to visit both places someday! But with all the talk on how Japan is having crises lately I've been having second thoughts.

My birthday is on Friday this week and I've been asking for a bento. For those of you who aren't well-versed with the workings of Japan culture, it's a lunch box. I want this one- Kotobuki 2-tiered bento. It's cherry wood with sakura flowers painted on top. I've asked my mom but I think she wants an American child. Jeez. I'll buy it myself.

I've been looking into making bento lunches. I live in a farm town and I have no idea where I'll get half of the yummy stuff! Maybe in the next town over. I hope. I'm thinking about getting a couple bento cookbooks... specifically, these- The Manga Cookbook and Ten-Minute Bento .

I'm a happy girl ^^

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