July 16, 2012

There's no way I could describe him.

Song: Daydreamer- Adele
Mood: tense

Is it bad that I don't want my love knowing I have this blog? I only just started it... but if I even barely give him an outlet for his bad emotions then he's going to use it. If I show him my doubts then he won't ever let them go. And so I hide.

I'll admit- he's so strange to me. His mind works in ways that no one elses' does, and then he wonders why no one can comprehend him. If anyone's interested, here's his DA journal link... www.aurellium.deviantart.com.

He's coming over so we can talk about his future plans... He's planning on our future together. I'm planning on our future apart.
I have no followers and I have no commenters, but I would love it if I could have the answer to this question: should I wait to break up with him until he's signed up for the airforce?

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