July 18, 2012


Song: da, da da. Da, da da. Da, da da, da da.... (low, high low. Low, high low. Low, high low, high low...)
Mood: Dazzled

I'm not much for shopping when I'm looking for something specific- talk about a headache and a half. (This is why I don't go shopping with people very often. Too much focus). When I shop online, though, I get less headache and don't have to talk to any other shoppers/store workers (no offense to you who work that area). And I found some wonderful finds on the Journeys website and the ModCloth website. Here are a couple pictures (and the links).

Hoo, Me? Skirt
It's a Sher-bet Dress

ModCloth has all sorts of awesome stuff. For your apartment, for your oddball friend... it's a wonderful website and (most of) the stuff is affordable by my (an average-household) standards.

Womens Not Rated Iris Casual Shoe - BlackWomen's Not Rated Iris Casual Shoe- black
LOVE Journeys ^^

Of course, me having no job means me having no awesome stuff. Sigh.

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